Episode 3: Confidently Off the Cuff - Mastering Impromptu Speaking with Matt Abrahams

Episode 3 May 03, 2023 00:36:43
Episode 3: Confidently Off the Cuff - Mastering Impromptu Speaking with Matt Abrahams
Stand Up to Stand Out
Episode 3: Confidently Off the Cuff - Mastering Impromptu Speaking with Matt Abrahams

May 03 2023 | 00:36:43


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Stuart Paap

Show Notes

Have you ever been put on the spot to speak in front of a group, only to feel your heart race and your mind go blank? It's a common fear, but one that can be conquered. Join us on this episode as we chat with Matt Abrahams, a Stanford University lecturer, podcast host, and author of the book "Speaking Up Without Freaking Out." He shares practical tips on how to speak impromptu, even when you don't know the answer confidently. You'll learn to overcome presentation anxiety and use simple go-to frameworks to ace any unexpected speaking opportunity. Get ready to speak up without freaking out.

Hosted by Stuart Paap

Stuart is laser-focused on helping more people unlock brilliant and bold ideas. He works with pioneering biotechs, technology companies, and healthcare companies and regularly presents at universities and tech incubators like the Harvard Innovation Lab. He’s also a former stand-up comedian and is a yellow belt in Judo... which strikes fear into absolutely no one.

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